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Have you ever felt alone in business?


Felt like you would really like someone in your corner to bounce ideas off and hold you to account?


Someone to help you create your vision and goals and, more importantly, TAKE ACTION?


After 26 years in business, 21 of those in a corporate career, I know how challenging things can get. From managing people, time, cash flow, clients, ever increasing workloads and then trying to manage you, it can be exhausting!

I also know the incredible highs you experience when you achieve your goals and dreams. The times when you experience success and have made a difference. Even the sense of achievement when you cross something off your to do list. The little smile that creeps across your face…come on…you know what I mean!

One of the main reasons why I have achieved the success I have, particularly in the past 10 years, is because I have aligned myself with amazing mentors. These people have helped me grow and develop and have held me accountable to my goals and dreams. Without them, Leaders and Lattes would have remained an idea on a piece of butchers’ paper in my office.

It can be very lonely in business, even when you have a team around you. I had 130 people around me at one stage, yet I still felt isolated because I was always focused on them and how I could assist them to achieve their goals and targets. I needed to show leadership, however there was not enough focus on me. I didn’t feel like I had someone to support me and be my sounding board: someone dedicated to mois – one of the most important people in that working dynamiq! I was making so many decisions on a daily basis, I needed someone to help me and keep me sane at the same time. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the vortex of panic, anxiety and fear that we all know can be paralysing.

I am incredibly passionate about assisting women in business achieve their goals so they feel supported in whatever journey they are experiencing right now. It might be starting a business, growing a business, transitioning from a career into a new business, or changing industries. Or it might simply be helping women improve their leadership skills, or evolve into the best possible version of themselves.

I strongly believe that women contribute to the business community in a unique way and this should be harnessed and celebrated. Too often we are plagued by self-doubt and question our ability as women to make a robust contribution in a business world that can be dominated by men in suits. My mission is for women to stand tall in their own right and project the confidence to take on any challenge.

This is why we have created our Leaders and Lattes Mentor Program and carefully hand selected a diverse range of women as our mentors. The program is designed to provide the much needed support, guidance, accountability, feedback and ‘real conversations’ that women in business are incredibly hungry for. No fluff, no bubble, just purposeful, professional, supportive and insightful conversations.

I am really not one for long sales letters so I am going to get to the point. We are all busy ladies!

What is the Mentoring Program All About?

Leaders and Lattes mentoring program is not a one size fits all.

We go to great lengths to understand your situation a d the outcomes you are trying to achieve and then establish a clear plan to get you there. It is situational mentoring with flexibility and purpose to every session.

We also ensure that our mentors have the experience and capability to assist you, and they will be honest and upfront with you about that from the outset. I have been bitten way too many times to allow anyone in my Leaders and Lattes community to be hoodwinked by hollow promises from ‘mentors’ that don’t measure up.

You can meet our mentors here.

Our program provides mentoring time dedicated to you each month. It’s an opportunity for you to use your mentor as a sounding board, to get the support you need, and for them to keep you accountable to your goals and dreams. You also have access to the wealth of knowledge and experience your mentors have in their toolbox. And you can start building your own!

Our incredibly experienced mentors have in-depth experience in Corporate, Small Business, Micro Business, Leadership, Team Management, Performance Frameworks, Systems and Processes, Time Management, Goal Setting and Mindset Techniques.

What Might You Be Seeking Mentoring On?

There are many reasons but here are the most common:

  • Support in starting a business
  • Working through challenges and issues
  • Developing your business strategy and goals
  • Staying accountable to your goals and taking the action you need
  • Being a more effective leader
  • Developing systems and processes to support your plans
  • Networking and following up to maximize your return on investment
  • Business ideas and strategies
  • Leading people and getting the best outcomes
  • Having a sounding board for decisions and actions
  • Operations Management
  • Recruitment and Resource Planning
  • Transitioning from employment to business
  • Establishing your life plan
  • Financial Goals
  • Being the best version of you possible
  • Staying solution focused during difficult times

How Does It Work?

You can choose whether you would like a program over 3 months or 6 months. It depends on how serious you are about creating outstanding outcomes.

The mentoring sessions are held over the phone once a month with clear action items determined at the conclusion of the session. There is accountability follow up in between the sessions, and you have full email access to your mentors. The six month option includes a face to face session to kick off with.

Before you start you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and return. We will chat with you in more detail before allocating a mentor. We need to ensure we are right for you and you are right for us.

We are only looking for ladies committed to creating great outcomes and using mentoring for the right reasons. Ladies who will do what’s required to achieve their outcomes. We are not looking for any ‘gonnas’! Only ladies of action!

What Is The Cost?

We have 3 programs for you. There is a Silver Program for those who would like to test the waters.  The Gold Program are for those who are serious about creating their success. The new Platinum Program is for those that value face to face mentoring and understand consistency is the key. Click on the link below to download the Mentor Program Options.

2014 Mentor Program Options

So if mentoring has been something you have been considering and even procrastinating over, we might have the solution for you!

Here’s to your success with all the support and clarity you need.


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