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2015 Mentor Program


‘Empowered, Disruptive and Confident.’
Group Mentoring Program


women in biz 2Do you find you have limited time and the time you do have you are giving to everyone else but yourself?

Do you feel like you’re like a rag doll being tugged at from all different directions?

Are you lacking the energy you need to enable you to do what you need to do?

You’re not alone.

Life seems to get faster and faster and the number of plates you have spinning in the air grows. The pressure is on to keep up and step up to do more. Family demands, work demands and personal demands stretch us to breaking point. The rapid increase of the number of men and women suffering depression and anxiety is reflective of this and is scary for us and the economy.

As women in business who are striving to be the best we can be, to break through the glass ceiling and make our mark in business, we simply must change our approach in what we are doing. We need to consciously disrupt our current state and thought patterns and look up to see what can be done differently to create better outcomes.

To do this we need to make time and invest in ourselves. It is a need and it’s also a must.

Interestingly, the way women are choosing to empower themselves is shifting. We are beginning to understand the power in numbers and seeking out forums that have like-minded, professional, intelligent women to connect with and learn from.

Which is why, on the back of demand, we have created our:

“Empowered, Disruptive and Confident Women” Group Mentor Program.


We invite you to join a group of like-minded women each month to learn, to be challenged, be empowered and importantly, re-energising yourself to navigate through the chaos that is life.

Facilitated by Julie Hyde, a trusted advisor and a successful and results driven senior leader and businesswoman, Julie has had her own business for 8 years after a long stint in the corporate world. She understands the challenges of small business and a career in the corporate world. She also greatly understands the importance of disruption to achieve success. Julie is an expert in empowering women, instilling confidence and encouraging women to lead and ‘own’ their space. She is passionate about equipping women with the tools they need to increase confidence and improve results. Time with Julie is invaluable to your growth, in changing your thinking and gaining clarity in your direction enabling you to move forward with confidence, courage and conviction.

Each month you will:

  • Learn, be challenged and grow;
  • Gain greater clarity;
  • Grow in confidence; and
  • Improve your results.

You will also be in a safe environment where you will be supported, encouraged and able to bounce ideas of other people. This is all about being successful. This is all about YOU and that’s ok!

What others are saying about our program:

“Joining the Group Mentoring Program was an easy decision to have 12 months of laser focus on strengthening my personal success with a sounding board of like-mined people.  The value for me is in taking time out to dig deeper into what success means for me, challenging my thinking and gaining some great new tools and techniques.  The commitment holds me accountable to making it happen. Oh and did I mention its also great fun too!” C Duncan – General Manager

“I am privileged to be a part of one of Julie’s current Group Mentoring programs.  We are up to month 7 and I have looked forward to every session.  The ability to share experiences and thoughts with the amazing group I am a part of, openly and honestly, without any worry about reprisals, has been uplifting.  It was also quite comforting to know that we are not alone, as we were all facing similar challenges in our business and careers, and hence we have been able to support to each other.  Most importantly being able to build clarity about what I do and why I do it has enabled me to focus on the important things and move forward in my career with a sense of purpose and the enthusiasm that I had when I first started on my journey in business.  So to Julie and the wonderful members of my group I say a whole hearted Thank you.” D Beeston, Business Owner

The program is commencing on 6th August 2015 and will run for 9 months.

The program is for you if you are:

  • A business owner wanting to improve results;
  • Have a career where you are wanting to progress, make a name for yourself and make a difference from the inside; or
  • Looking to transition from employment to being self employed.

Put simply it’s for you if you want to be empowered and more successful.

Your investment will be $99 + GST per month and places are strictly limited.

Register your interest by emailing Julie here and secure your place today.

Here’s to being empowered, disruptive and confident.

Best wishes,



 Private Mentoring Program


Julie also offers Private Mentoring that runs for 6 or 12 months.

This is for those who want to seriously focus on their goals, create a purposeful plan and be held accountable to their tasks.
It’s for you if you value having something tailored just for you.
It’s for those who want to have someone in their corner and have a dedicated sounding board to assist with their growth strategies.

If you are interested in the Private Mentoring, please contact Julie here or call 0419 33 22 58


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