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‘Empowered, Disruptive and Confident.’
Group Mentoring Program


woman-thinkingWhat could you really achieve if you put your mind to it?

I dare you to take some time to think about that question because it’s a big one. And not enough people are taking the time to consider it when it’s most critical.

As women in business who are striving to be the best we can be, to break through the glass ceiling and make our mark in business, we simply must change our approach in what we are doing. We need to consciously disrupt our current state and thought patterns and ‘look up’ to see what can be done differently to create better outcomes for ourselves, for our families and significant others, for our businesses and careers and ultimately for our personal dreams of success.

The reality is this:

  • The world we now operate in is fast and furious.
  • Time is scarce and many of us have no time to stop and focus on ourselves, our business or our careers.
  •  We are all having to do more with less resources and yet  we need to innovate, be agile and flexible all while we’re pulled like a rag doll between, work, home, children, partners, friends and let’s not forget trying to get to the gym! Because after all we have to try and look after ourselves somehow!

It’s exhausting and what it means is:

  • We start questioning what we are really doing.  Are we relevant to our current situation and where we want to be in the future?
  • The feeling of isolation and loneliness can stop us in our tracks with no one to bounce ideas of because we end up being caught in the vortex of busyness
  • Not knowing what to do next to achieve our vision results in feelings of frustration and confusion.

The biggest problem with all of this is that feeling of self doubt, of constantly asking ourselves “can I really do this or am I good enough?” And as we know, this feeling of fear can cause paralysis making us stay exactly where we are – situation normal.

Being manic, frustrated and scared doesn’t have to be the situation normal.  We can change our situation by simply being aware of what is possible and making a choice to have clarity, be empowered and influence our outcomes.

The Empowered, Disruptive and Confident Group Mentor Program has been developed to assist you to invest the time you need to focus on your career or business ensuring you do the work you love to achieve your vision. There is power in numbers! And there is enormous power in collective intelligence. And this is why we have developed a group mentor program.

Throughout the program you will get:

Clarity on your vision and what is required to achieve it.

Mentor model 2

You’ll also grow in:

Confidence. By gaining certainty around what you
stand for, what you don’t and the value you bring to
your marketplace. You’ll also be more confident
in how you communicate and ‘be’ that person enabling
you to cut through all the noise and chaos of our business
world more effectively.
This in itself is gold and only makes up part of the program!

You’ll also be taking:

Action. The one thing many programs leave out. When you take action you achieve growth. You’ll be so clear on the actions you need to take that you’ll be operating with conviction and congruence.

It’s when you have all of this ‘in flow’ that you have a real sense of purpose enabling you to do the things you’re wishing you could do right now and knowing you are doing all of the things that are right for you.

Importantly, you’ll have the support of other like-minded, committed women around the table who will be sharing their thoughts and experiences with you and providing feedback. Collaboration at it’s best and a ready-made support crew!

Facilitated by Julie Hyde, a trusted advisor and a successful and results driven senior leader and businesswoman, Julie has had her own business for 8 years after a long stint in the corporate world. She understands the challenges of small business and a career in the corporate world. She also greatly understands the importance of disruption to achieve success. Julie is an expert in empowering women, instilling confidence and encouraging women to lead and ‘own’ their space. She is passionate about equipping women with the tools they need to increase confidence and improve results. Time with Julie is invaluable to your growth, in changing your thinking and gaining clarity in your direction enabling you to move forward with confidence, courage and conviction.

Here’s what someone who is part of our current program says about the program:

“I am privileged to be a part of one of Julie’s current Group Mentoring programs.  We are up to month 7 and I have looked forward to every session.  The ability to share experiences and thoughts with the amazing group I am a part of, openly and honestly, without any worry about reprisals, has been uplifting.  It was also quite comforting to know that we are not alone, as we were all facing similar challenges in our business and careers, and hence we have been able to support to each other.  Most importantly being able to build clarity about what I do and why I do it has enabled me to focus on the important things and move forward in my career with a sense of purpose and the enthusiasm that I had when I first started on my journey in business.”    D Beetson

Take control of your future now

This is for you if:

  • You’re a business owner wanting to improve results;
  • Have a career where you are wanting to progress, make a name for yourself and make a difference from the inside; or
  • Looking to transition from employment to being self employed.

Put simply it’s for you if you want to be empowered and more successful.

The program is run over a 9-month period and numbers are strictly limited. The price for this program is only $99 + GST per month for 9 months.

This is an investment in yourself and in your future.

Register your interest by emailing Julie here or call 0419 33 2 58 and secure your place today.

Here’s to being empowered, disruptive and confident.

Best wishes,



 Private Mentoring Program


Julie also offers Private Mentoring that runs for 6 or 12 months.

This is for those who want to seriously focus on their goals, create a purposeful plan and be held accountable to their tasks.
It’s for you if you value having something tailored just for you.
It’s for those who want to have someone in their corner and have a dedicated sounding board to assist with their growth strategies.

If you are interested in the Private Mentoring, please contact Julie here or call 0419 33 22 58



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